Revolutionary Frozen Food
Our breakthrough patent technology preventing ice crystal formation by applying electric fields during the freezing process which helps keeps food fresh 18 months.
How it works
New way from freshly made meals to consumer
Cooking & Freezing
Freshly made food freezing by breakthrough technology in special invented freezing box
Storage & Delivery
Products storage & delivery at -18 C
18 month shelf life
2-3 minutes for defrosting to get tasty fresh food ready to eat
Our Markets
Meal for Food Service
Increasing margins up to 30%
Losses 0%. Savings on staff. Low cogs.
Delivery Meal
Make your delivery up to 10-12 minutes with lowest cost into industry. Any location, any menu.
Meal for Retail
Sale your meal in new format via frozen shelfs either vending close to consumer.
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Revoltech Inc

We creating 0% food waste chain & new food consumption experience using revolutionary technologies
Revoltech Inc
DOVER, DE 19901

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